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We specialize in miniature castles of Teutonic, Polish, etc. The technique of buildings is very tedious because it is made of individual, small bricks, tiles koloryzowanego cast concrete with waterproof and heat resistant fluids. Our buildings are made entirely from natural materials.
Copies of the models are made in scale 1:20, 1:30, but the scale may be arbitrary. We tried to make copies of castles or palaces were performed with the greatest probability after examining the documentation. By using various liquids and chemicals, we ensure the sustainability of exhibits for several years. Are resistant to all weather conditions. Thumbnails are made on reinforced concrete slab, which allows you to carry it anywhere.
Construction of miniatures dealing with more than 10 years. The website showed our sample projects: miniature park in the Chelmno Teutonic castle in Swiecie and Bydgoszcz in Lipnica Castle Park, the largest miniature castle, Malbork, and many others. In addition, we also create thumbnails barbecues, fireplaces, ponds, and home - all from natural materials.